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Näitan 1–21 tulemust 25-st

  • Täiesti tuule- ja veekindlad püksid meestele. Veekindlus 20 000 mm.

    The Breheimen 2L Pants is a clean-cut shell pants designed for varied outdoor activities in wet weather conditions. 2-layer Dermizax® material (water column = min. 20,000 mm) with mesh lining makes the pants waterproof, windproof and breathable. The pants come with an integrated removeable belt. If you prefer to wear suspenders, you’ll find attachment loops on the inside of the waistband. For increased safety a Recco® reflector is mounted on the left leg.

  • Eest soosjustusega tuulekindlad püksid talviseks aktiivseks liikumiseks. Eriti sobilikud matkamiseks, suusatamiseks. Eriti külmadel ilmadel sobivad ideaalselt ka pealispükste alla soojenduskihiks.

  • Klassikalise ilmega, mugavad ja ideaalse kujuga. Nordmarka hübriidpüksid hoiavad sportlikku ilmet ilma, et liibuksid nagu retuusid. Püksid on disainitud taaskasutatud polüamiidist (nailon), mis on pehme ja mugav. Optimaalse liikumisvabaduse tagamiseks on põlvede ja istme kohal veniv kangas. PFAS-vaba kangatöötlus niiskuse eemalehoidmiseks. Taaskasutatud materjalid ja bluesign®-i heaks kiidetud kangad näitavad, et rõivas on kavandatud jätkusuutlikkust silmas pidades. Üksikasjalikud detailid on armsad ja loovad tõelise kvaliteeditunde.

  • Tuulekindald, soojad ja venivad matka- ja vabaaja püksid meestele.

    Flexibility and warmth in a highly functional blend – an updated version of our popular Geita Pants. Rabot 365 Warm Flex Pants is designed to match higher activity levels such as winter hiking and Nordic cross-country skiing. The pants feature two different softshell materials that is water-repellent and very flexible. Reinforcements on the inside bottom of the legs makes the pants more durable and resistant to wearing from hiking or ski boots. Inside the pants you will find soft and comfortable fleece backing in front and in the seat. Super nice and comfortable in cold weather conditions. Rabot 365 Warm Flex Pants is part of the Rabot 365 Collection – A line of highly technical and robust hiking clothing that enables you to experience nature, year-round, regardless of the weather conditions. The collection is developed to provide you with the highest level of protection without compromising comfort.

  • Slingsby 3L W Pants is our most technically advanced shell pants ever made! A durable yet lightweight garment made from the highest performing materials there is. Packed with all those details, functions and features a true mountaineer will appreciate. Slingsby 3L Pants is made from Dermizax®NX fabric, providing maximum weather protection and outstanding breathability. The pants are customized and shaped according to our innovative design concept 3D In Action. This means that the different choices our designers have made in the development of the product is based on studies of athletes climbing and scrambling, and extensive material research and testing. The result is outstanding fit deliberately shaped for mountaineers, by mountaineers!

  • Piisavalt avarad, kergesti reguleeritavad, igati funktsionaalsed ja mugavad püksid.

    The Bergans Element Active® kangas on täielikult tuulekindel, veekindel (veekindlus: min. 10 000 mm) ja hingav. The PrimaLoft® Gold Eco Active+ on väga soe ja mugav. Takjakinnis on mugav vöökoha reguleerimiseks mistahes hetkel, samuti on ventilatsioonilukud mugavalt käepärast. Recco® kiip lisab turvalisust laviini korral.

  • Tehnilised soojustatud 2-kihilised suusapüksid, mis on spetsiaalselt loodud mäesuusatamiseks. Püksid on valmistatud pehmest ja mugavast kangast Dermizax®, mis on hingav, vee- ja tuulekindel. Bergans ArcticInsulation suudab säilitada keha soojust ka väga külma ilmaga.

    Technical, insulated 2-layer ski pants specially developed for alpine skiing. The pants are made from a soft and comfortable fabric. The Dermizax® membrane makes the pants waterproof, windproof and breathable, while the Bergans ArcticInsulation provides the pants with comfortable heat-retention. Hafslo Insulated connect to several of our ski jackets to create a complete suit.

  • Meeste vabaaja- ja matkapüksid. CMD Tech Wind materjal on hästihingav ja hoiab tuule eemal.

  • Suurepärased capri püksid meestele. Materjal on veidi veniv ja vastu ihu mõnusalt pehme. Püksid sobivad ideaalselt golfirajale.

  • Suurepärased lühikesed püksid aktiivseks tegevuseks. Materjal on veidi veniv ja vastu ihu mõnusalt pehme.

  • Viisakad ja mugavad pikad püksid aktiivsemaks tegevuseks, näiteks golfirajale. Pükste materjal on veidi veniv ja vastu ihu pehme.

  • Mugavad puuvillased vabaajapüksid meestele.

  • Kerge soojustuse ja pehme voodriga, tuule- ja veekindlad õuepüksid meestele.

  • Kerge soojustusega, vee- ja tuulekindlad meeste talvepüksid.

  • Soojad, tuule- ja veekindlad püksid meestele mäesuusatamiseks ja talveks.

  • Combining superior functionality with optimal comfort, ODLO’s Aeolus pants for men are an excellent choice for your next winter challenge. Designed specifically to keep your body warm in colder conditions, the pants have been crafted in a softshell jacquard fleece with a silicone closure and higher drawstring waist to protect your lower back – ensuring exceptional warmth, an individual fit and long-wear comfort. With a secure zippered pocket for storing your personal items, the Aeolus pants deliver everything you need for an intensive day on the trail. For a layer that brings optimal comfort and functionality to your outdoor adventures, grab the Aeolus pants for men from ODLO.

  • Windproof, breathable and water-repellent, the Aeolus Element Warm pants offer effective protection against the elements when you’re on the cross-country track. Boost your warmth against chilling winds with the pants equipped with Logic Windproof material which effectively stops windchill so you can perform more efficiently. This material is also extremely breathable and offers water-repellency for even better protection. 3L Eyelet Softshell material also brings perfect moisture wicking to your time outside so you stay drier and warmer for longer. With an adjustable waist, you’ll enjoy a versatile and comfortable fit every time. Get moving through cold winds this winter with better efficiency in the Aeolus Element Warm pants for men.

  • Providing protection that’s paramount to your performance, the Aeolus Pro Warm pants offer a strong defence against the winter elements. Built with exceptional moisture-wicking properties and thermal insulation, these pants help keep you dry and warm in wintry conditions. Extended body-mapping technology adds excellent freedom of movement and breathability so you can perform efficiently on the cross-country track and in your Nordic disciplines. Enjoy windproof protection with a 3-layer softshell material that blocks windchill for better comfort out in the cold. Enhance your cross-country performance this winter with the weather-ready Aeolus Pro Warm pants for men.

  • Face the wind head-on this cross-country season with the Miles ski pants for men. These lightweight trousers have been created using Logic Windproof technology that creates a resistant barrier between your legs and the oncoming cold. Breathable, sleet-repellent fabrics ensure you remain dry when trails become demanding, while full leg zips make for effortless layer transitions. A close, athletic fit also reduces drag when skiing into speed-sapping gusts. Easily stored in a small rucksack, these pants are perfect for those days when the weather looks overcast and unpredictable. Stay in control when facing the elements this winter with the Miles Nordic ski pants from ODLO.

  • Exceptionally crafted for the all-sport athlete, the Men’s Evolution Light Base Layer Pants offer ultimate comfort year-round during high-intensity activities. Built to fit like a second skin, with clean yet technical looks, the Evolution Light Base Layer Pants are built on ODLO’s 70-year experience in high-performance outdoor garments. The latest Evolution of this fabric offers premium flexibility to allow you to move at will, and offers body temperature control through strategically placed functional zones. This fabric wicks moisture away to keep you dry, and is treated with ODLO Effect to eliminate odour. All-weather body temperature control and the freedom of movement you need to work at your best, the Men’s Evolution Light Base Layer Pants are the ideal answer to leg warmth needs.

Näitan 1–21 tulemust 25-st

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