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Näitan 106–122 tulemust 122-st

  • Designed with runners in mind, the Seamless Element BL long sleeve crew neck top for women is a lightweight and athletic top made for going the extra mile. Seamless body-mapping technology ensures there are no uncomfortable seams to get in your way when you’re pushing yourself to the max while simultaneously creating a totally unrestrictive feel in your layers. An athletic fit paired with a silhouette graphic both looks and feels great on so you can focus on the trails ahead. For an energising top that feels lightweight and carefree on, reach for the Seamless Element BL long sleeve crew neck top from ODLO.

  • Mõõdud: 48 x 31 x 14+8/11+6 cm. Kott on vooderdatud ümberringi. Selja keskosas on tihe ja tugevdusega vooder. Helkurribad on õlasangadel ja esiosa alumises servas, trükitud logod on samuti helkurid. Käesanga taga on ka eraldi riputamissang. Õlasangade reguleeritavas osas on nummerdatud jaotus kuni 15-ni, et mõlemad paelad saaks alati ühepikkused. Paelaotsa fikseerimiseks on topeltklamber, miski ei ripu koti küljest. Rinnakinnitus on reguleeritava kõrgusega ja hingamist kergendava kummiga. Eriliseks teeb koti veel esisahtli ülespoole ulatuv alaosa – ka kõige õrnemad asjad on koti mahapannes kaitstud.

  • Get excited for your next day in your running shoes, the ODLO Ceramicool Low Socks provide next-level comfort for days on the trail and the treadmill. We all get hot feet when we run, but thanks to the magic of Ceramicool in these ODLO running socks, you can stay that bit cooler. By integrating ceramic particles into the fabric, ODLO allows your skin to cool by up to 1°C as you go, and by adding ODLO ZeroScent tech, they also help combat the smell from sweat. The Ceramicool Low Socks provide medium support for a range of sports, with padded heel and toe zones helping to protect your feet against painful blisters. Forget about your feet as you run to the top of the hill to take in the view, the ODLO Ceramicool Low socks will have you in complete comfort.

  • Your standard running socks get a full-blown upgrade in the new Ceramicool Quarter running socks from ODLO. Ceramicool technology keeps your feet and toes cooler with the natural cooling power of ceramic particles. Moisture is quickly wicked away and an open mesh structure gives you added ventilation where you need it most. Built to fit a runner’s needs, these socks have a medium-support padded heel and toe zones to boost your comfort and help guard against the development of blisters.

  • Suurepärased murdmaasuusakindad! Kerged, mugavad ning tuule ja lörtsi kindlad. Materjalid on hingavad hoides sedasi ära liigse higistamise. Eelvormitud kuju ja sportlik lõige hoiavad käed loomulikus asendis suusakeppe hoides. Silikoonist täiendused peopesa poolel suurendavad haardetugevust. Loodud kestma ja võimekust suurendama!

    Control the track this winter with these excellent Aeolus Light Nordic ski gloves. Lightweight and comfortable, they offer fantastic protection against wind and sleet when out on the tracks. Breathable fabrics also protect you against overheating when the challenge intensifies. A pre-shaped, athletic fit keeps your hands in a natural position when holding your ski poles, while silicone inserts enhance your grip. Made for endurance and performance this Nordic ski season, these unisex Aeolus Light gloves from ODLO are a must for the serious cross-country competitor!

  • Õhukesed, aga vastupidavad kindad, mis sobivad kõige paremini suusatamiseks. Aga on mugavad kanda ka rattaga kulgemisel ja isegi autoroolis. Suurus S vastab suurusele 7.

  • Kõige vingem murdmaasuusakinnas võistlemiseks ja väga intensiivseks treeninguks. Sama kindaga sõidetakse maailma karikal, olümpial ja MM-il.

    A cold, still, cloudless morning – Nagano X-Light XC gloves are your faithful companion as you set out, the first one on the trail. These extremely light gloves protect you from winter temperatures even when the sun’s shining. The elastic hook-and-loop wrist closure gives a perfect, snug fit. Whether for daily training or for competition, Nagano X-Light XC gloves are always a good choice.

  • Soojustusega, tuulekindlad ning vetthülgavad murdmaasuusakindad, mis läbinud edukalt Worldloppeti maratoni! Kindad ei hõõrunud, käed ei higistanud, ega hakanud ka külm. Pealiskate on Gore Windstopper materjalist.

  • Naiselik, ülimalt hästi toestav ja terviklikult varustatud sportrinnahoidja sportlasele sinu sees! Õmblusteta vormitud, pehmendustega ja õhulised korvid, mis sobituvad sinu vormiga ja suurendavad mugavustunnet kuni treeningu lõpuni. Venivast võrkmaterjalist pehmendused suurendavad hingavust. Tänu pehmendusega ja reguleeritavatele õlapaeltele ning hästi venivale rinnaalusele istub rinnahoidja igale kehatüübile. Sobib alates jooksmisest, aeroobikast kuni igapäevaste tegevuste topelt toeks!

    Enjoy your sports with feminine style in the Padded High sports bra from ODLO, a super-supportive and fully-equipped sports bra for the athlete in you. Keep your cool thanks to this bra’s seamfree moulded, padded and perforated cups that fit to your form and increase your personal comfort throughout. Elastic mesh inserts in the front boost your breathability so you can keep moving in comfort. Experience a customisable fit thanks to adjustable padded straps and an elastic underbust that fits to every body. Finally, feminine lines make this sports bra a stylish and versatile choice for every activity from running, training in the gym to everyday high support.

  • Experience new levels of freedom during high-impact workouts with the SEAMLESS HIGH sports bra from ODLO. Built in a fast-drying, breathable and super-soft seamless knit, it feels great next to the skin and minimises chafing so you can concentrate on improving your performance. The cups accommodate a wide range of shapes and sizes, while the high-stretch seamless fabric, racer back and thick underband give added lift and reduce stress on the shoulders. It also benefits from a secure zipper fastening at the front, which enhances fit and allows you to take it on and off with ease. Work out without limits this summer in ODLO’s SEAMLESS HIGH sports bra.

  • Stiili ja sisu segades on Seamless Soft rinnahoidja seni ODLO stiilseim disain! Pakkudes strateegilist tuge ilma traatideta, on see meeldiv disain lõigatud ühest pehmest kangast – vähendab hõõrdumist ja parandab liikumisvabadust. Pilkupüüdev õlarihmade põimitud tagumine osa võimaldab elastset sobivust ja lai ribistruktuuriga alariba täielikku rinnatuge. Lisaks pakub mõlemat pidi kantav disain mitmekülgsust ja stiilivalikuid. Mõeldud mitmesugusteks tegevusteks: meelitav siluett ja dünaamiline sobivus muudavad selle ideaalseks jooga stuudiosessioonidest jõutreeninguteni. Erinevalt klassikalistest sportrinnahoidjatest on ODLO Seamless Soft rinnahoidja kiiresti kuivav, hingav ja masinpestav – muutes selle teie treeningsessioonide oluliseks osaks!

    Blending style and substance, the Seamless Soft bra is ODLO’s most stylish design yet. Providing strategic support without the need for underwiring, this stretch-fit design has been cut from a single piece of soft performance fabric – reducing rubbing and improving your range of movement. Constructed with an eye-catching interlaced back strap detail, an elasticated fit and thick ribbed underband allow for full cup support, whilst its reversible design offers added versatility and styling options. Designed for a wide range of disciplines, the flattering silhouette and dynamic fit make it ideal for studio sessions from yoga to strength training. Unlike classic sports bras, ODLO’s Seamless Soft bra is quick-drying, breathable and machine washable – making it an essential part of your workout rotation.

  • Mugav ja pehme kapuutsiga dressipluus. Ees on täispikk lukk ja taskud.

  • Pehmed ja mugavad dressipüksid naistele.

  • Mugavad ja pehmed lühikesed püksid naistele, vöökoht on paelaga reguleeritav.

  • Vetthülgav ja tuultpidav parka naistele.

Näitan 106–122 tulemust 122-st

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